As I take over textiles

I’m really excited to take over the textiles department and start making it something to be reckoned with. I’ve been steadily cleaning and tidying, labelling and stacking, folding and sorting, and designing new furniture. I can’t wait for the after photos. 

In the meantime, my year 10s had to design and construct a usable bag. Two even decided to make them from recycled fabrics. 

 I made a bag to demonstrate some of the construction skills and it is now my constant companion. It’s huge, but so handy! And I love the nod to sewing in the contrasting material. There is a pocket inside the pocket for pen and phone and mirrored pockets on the inside for safer storage of pen and phone. 

Then I’ve been working on some other little projects that I hope to have students do as after school things. 

This cat coffee cup holder from Shill O’Pop

And these superhero masks from Cutesy Crafts


Can’t wait to test them out on my nieces and nephews. 


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